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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let me rephrase...

Another blogger, and a good friend of mine, has misconstrued the heading that is under my blog title, though I believe he knew what I meant. I now officially change it from "A Bible with errors leads to a Christianity with errors" to "A Bible with errors leads to a Gospel with errors".

My friend took issue with the use of the word "Christianity". (He also does not hold to the inerrancy of Scripture.) His issue was that Christianity, as we know it, is fraught with errors. We have an entire history of errors. However, that is not the fault of the Bible, it is the fault of redeemed and unredeemed sinners. Ultimately, it is the fault of sin. True Christians strive for true Christianity every day. The fact is, however, that our sin-affected, human minds cannot grasp Christianity as it should be. We see in a glass darkly. I am fairly certain that some of my interpretations of Scripture are wrong. I'm not disavowing them, but they are still probably wrong. Whose fault is that? Scriptures? No. It's mine.

Here's my main point. If we can't trust parts of the Bible, we can trust none of it. It's a fraud and a fake and not worthy of our time. We know God through the Bible. We know Jesus through the Bible. We understand how to be saved through the Bible. We would not trust an instruction manual if it told the wrong steps. We would not trust a history book if it got many of the facts wrong. Then how can we trust the Book that reveals God's plan of salvation developed through the ages if it's wrong about the people, places, and events it claims to record? We can't. So, if you find that the Bible has errors, throw it out! It's no good to you. Quit attempting to meld your distrust with faith.

The very nature of salvation is faith and trust. You can't trust and not trust. If our knowledge of salvation is from the Bible, based on faith and trust, how can we not have faith and trust in the Bible? And before you accuse me, I'm not speaking of Bible-worship. My faith and trust is in the Author of the Bible, the One who breathed it, the Word that became flesh. I cannot and will not believe that a God who created everything from nothing cannot protect His Word from alteration.

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