Michael B Linton

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh conservative, where art thou?

Greg Davis, a republican in Mississippi up for reelection to Congress lost on Tuesday to a conservative democrat. All I know of the democrat is that he is pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment. All I know of Davis is that he was republican and a lot of republicans campaigned for him. I don’t know any of his stands.

If Davis was like any of the many republicans the Republican Party tells us vote for (i.e. moderate, big-spending, pro-choice, pro-illegal immigration, pro-global warming insanity, pro-pointless gun laws) then I would have voted for the conservative democrat as well. I’m tired of having moderate republicans shoved down our throats and being told that we have to vote for them to keep a republican majority. No, I don’t have to vote for them.

I will vote for the most conservative candidate running for whatever office is on my ballot, no matter the party. I am a registered republican, but values are thicker than registration cards. Instead of crying about losing majorities in both houses (and they will probably lose more members this November) they should be returning to the values that got them the majorities to begin with. They need to return to the conservatism of Reagan and have the same will to fight for those values that Newt Gingrich had. Remember, Gingrich pushed for (and won) Reagan values during the Clinton presidency with his Contract for America.

Some other problems with republicans—I’ll let Sean Hannity say it. “Maybe if they can’t live up to the basic standards of honesty and integrity and character and decency and morality, maybe they should put aside their ambition and get their personal lives together.” Or maybe they should not get voted into office and they'll realize the error of their ways.

So this November, I, an evangelical Christian, will vote Republican for president. I am not voting for McCain; I am voting against Obama. However, were there a democratic candidate more conservative than McCain, I would vote for that person. Were there a third party candidate that was truly viable, and also more conservative than McCain, I would vote for that candidate. I will vote for the most conservative candidate available, but I will also vote to keep extreme liberalism out of any political office. And, frankly, I believe that is the responsibility of all Christians—that is, to vote Biblical values first and foremost and let them guide the rest of the political decisions we make.

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