Michael B Linton

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Please pray...and give if you can.

Please pray for Summerlake Baptist Church. We are looking at renting an apartment in Summerwood to serve as our first meeting place. This will be much cheaper than renting a store front. Rent and utilities on the apartment will run about $1000 per month and we don't have that kind of money at the moment. Pray with us that God will provide, if it is truly His will that we take this next step.

Below is an outline of some things we have planned but need financial support for. If you would like to be a financial supporter of Summerlake, contact me and let me know. Anything you give is a great help toward starting this church.

Summerlake’s financial needs for outreach
Apartment for first meeting place $1000 mo.
Park giveaways/BBQs: $150 ea.
Backyard Bible Clubs: $500 ea.
Manuel’s: $100 mo.
Website: $150 mo.
Phone outreach plan: $3000
Direct mail marketing: $4000
Please give generously as you have opportunity. I know the economy has not been favorable but I am confident that God, “who is able to do more than we could ask or imagine.” will bless your liberality. Your prayers and financial support are what enable us to continue toward the vision God has given us for Summerlake.

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