Michael B Linton

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Summerlake Praises

We have two pieces of great news.

The first is that I have met with a local pastor about their church’s sponsorship of Summerlake. When everything is official I will give their name. He is discussing it tonight at his church’s business meeting, will pass it off to the missions committee, and hopefully vote to sponsor us in their December meeting. This is what will ultimately open us up to convention funding. It also provides mentorship, prayer support, muscle support, and financial support. We are excited that there is a church willing to come along side of us and support us in such a strong, visible way.

The other praise is about our finances. I told you that we were $500 a month short. That shortage was going to have a tragic effect on our ability to renew our lease for our apartment. A very generous family has stepped up to help by turning a family member’s death to good. They asked what we needed and, when I told them how shaky our lease renewal was, they donated from their inheritance an amount to cover our ENTIRE 7 MONTH LEASE. We praise God for their generosity and are so thankful to be able to continue our outreach.

Speaking of outreach, we have our community carwash coming up this Saturday at 2PM. We pray that we can build a number of relationships with community residents and see our fellowship grow.

It is everyone’s faithful giving and praying that will allow us to continue to reach out and see God work. If you would like to give to Summerlake, please click here to donate online. Thank you so much for what you do.

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