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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Summerlake Update 12/16/08

Hey folks-

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but as we all know: the most wonderful time of the year is also the most busiest (pardon the grammar).

All churches experience a bit of an attendance drop during the holidays and we are no different. But we look forward to the New Year, a new commitment, and new opportunities for people to worship with us. This brings me to our prayer needs.

The first new opportunity, though it will actually start second, is that we are going to be hosting a study of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We just completed it ourselves, can attest to the change that it can bring, and can attest to the great need for this kind of thing among thirty-something (or whatever age) suburbanites. This is one of the main areas of ministry that God called us to when He called us to plant a suburban church. We pray this will open the doors to further ministry. This will start on Sunday, February 1st in the evenings.

The second new opportunity, the one that will start first, is a Tuesday night Bible study. We have couple of reasons to start this. First, it will be a little different from our Sunday morning Bible study in that it will be more topic-based, rather than book of the Bible based. It will also allow us to reach those that may work on Sunday mornings or, for whatever reason, have trouble making it at 10 AM. This will begin on January 6th at 6:30.

These two new events, along with our usual Sunday morning time, will put three different hooks in the water for us. We pray that we catch a lot of fish. But the new opportunities bring new financial needs that aren’t in our budget. And right at the end of the year is a great time for folks to fill-out their charitable giving budget.

For Financial Peace, we need the leader’s kit. The kit costs $300. We need someone to give for that purchase. We also need a DVD player (a TV has been graciously donated). If you would like to give for that, please consider a gift of $50.

The last financial need is an outreach tool as well. One of our community papers lists church advertisements. The community papers here in the area are very well read. We have the ability to have our church name and info in front of thousands of people. This paper is delivered to all addresses—it isn’t subscription based. The cost of this advertisement is $25 a week. We need someone to fund it for 6 months, for a total of $600. This could be given in lump sum or monthly. If you feel led to give any of these items, you can mail a check or give online.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Most days, the road seems very, very long and very, very steep. It’s only the confidence of our call, the confidence in our Caller, and the push of your prayers that keep us going. But it gets really hard. Please, do not forget to pray for us.

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