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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hope Fellowship Update - 020210

If you’ve been wondering how all this would work out and the timing of the events, it’s been formalized. This is our proposal of the way things will go over the next nine months. We also have a HUGE prayer request for you to lift up. I’ll give you the timeline first and then the prayer needs.

Projected Cost

Purchase equipment for services

Advertising for April preview service

April preview service
4/3/2010 - Easter Sunday

Advertising for May preview service

May preview service

Advertising for June preview service

June Preview service

Advertising for July preview service

July preview service
July 4th

Advertising for August preview service

August preview service

Advertising for Lauch Service

Launch service

Television advertising

Total Cost for 6 months of pre-launch

We currently have about $200 per month pledged, so we have a long way to go toward our goal.

Now for our HUGE prayer need: I have been in contact with the facilities coordinator for Humble ISD about renting two elementary school cafetoriums. The first one we want to rent is Summerwood Elementary. It currently has a church meeting in it on Sunday mornings, but we want to rent it on Saturday nights to have our monthly preview services in. We would communicate clearly and repeatedly that we would begin our weekly services on September 12th on Sunday mornings in a different location. That different location would be Lakeshore Elementary. It isn’t available for renting at all until school starts because it is less than a year old (HISD policy). So pray with us that we get approved for both locations.

Two good things could come out of this. The first is that the church that is meeting in Summerwood Elem would move out before the next school year and we wouldn’t have to change locations. That is a possibility as they are currently building on a site. Pray for their finances and their building to be done rapidly. The second possible good outcome would be that we have so many people that want/need a Saturday night service that we launch on September 11th/12th with two services: one Saturday night and one Sunday morning. We would be excited about either occurrence.

Pray with us about how you can give financially. There is a lot to be done and few resources with which to make it happen. Currently, our only financial support is through individuals. There are no churches, conventions, or institutions supporting this effort. But we know that, as God provides through you, we will see amazing things happen in the lives of Houstonians living in Summerwood.

Also, pray about how you can be “boots on the ground” for us. We are going to need a group of about 15-20 people each weekend of our preview services to help us pass out info cards in the neighborhoods on Saturday morning, prayer-walk, and take part in the preview service that night. This will be vital to creating immediate excitement for the preview services. This is something that my launch team of 6 adults can’t do on their own. We need your help for this vital part of the process.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and financial support of this work that God is doing in Northeast Houston.

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