Michael B Linton

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fasting Still Works!!

Now, I'm not saying that when we fast we have tricked God into giving us what we want. What I am saying is that because we are attuned to God, we are more likely praying in His will. When that happens, the Bible says God will give those things to us (1 John 5:14-15). So I'm finding that my fasting has resulted in prayer more focused on Him--not me and my wants--and this has led to many answered prayers.

What if we all took a day here or there to fast and pray? I think we would see some incredible things happen in the church.

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ChosenRebel said...

Amen. Let's start a movement. In college, I did a partial fast for 40 days, to focus my prayer on some guys I wanted to see come to Christ. Over the next 12 months 8 guys trusted the Savior.

I don't understand prayer. I burn out synaptic pathways when I try. But I understand this: God brokers what he does in the world through believing prayer. When God wants to do something that he alone gets the credit for, he moves his people to pray.